Playing in the yard.

Cows grazing in the open field.

Just hanging out.

Chickens are a common sighting out here.

Many roam free in the yards.

And then head back to roost in the evening.

Did someone say they were cooking oats?

That's what I heard.

No... They said they were milking goats!

Look into my beautiful eyes...

Now this dog LOVES country living!

I'm not sure if he's happy, or running towards an intruder!

Relaxing in the shade.

Their favorite part of the day, well... after dinner that is!

What is in this water? They are multiplying like crazy!

Donkeys in the shade.

There are many horse lovers in our area.

We have a beautiful equestrian community!

Our horses love to swim in the pond!

The pond is a great source of fun!

Rainy day.

Heading out to ride along the M canal to the "water hole".

I bet he's wondering if the grass tastes better on the other side...

I got my eye on you!

Going for rides with friends is an amazing benefit to living out here.

A backyard farm.

20 years old and still has some speed.

Cruising with the top down!

Our open space provides a great place for horseback riding.

Enjoying time with a friend.

Where else can you have your horses run past your back porch?

What else are garages used for out here?