Tell Us Why You Chose To Live In The Acreage!

We all moved out to the Acreage / Loxahatchee / Loxahatchee Groves area for various reasons. As fellow residents we want to hear why you are proud to call this place home!

Email us your story with a picture and we will post it on our site! If you are a member of the Acreage Hitching Post and have shared your story on one of the testimonial threads, let us know if you'd like us to include it here.

All stories will be posted in this section and we will rotate feature stories on the homepage.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Story!

I was born in Ft Lauderdale. Bob and I kept moving west. He was raised in the country in Ohio and I liked the feeling of camping, but then getting to sleep in my own bed. Plantation Acres was a dream that came true for us in the late 80s. Then they built the Sawgrass Mall. That wouldn't have been so bad but after they built the mall they built fast foods, slow foods, hotels, hockey arena, tire stores. It went on and on. It's horrible there now. They destroyed my paradise. Moved up here. Now I can see the writing on the wall.
-Janice Sommer
We decided to move out here because it was one of the LAST few places in Palm Beach County that has been built out completely. We didn't want concrete, buses, trains and convenience stores. We wanted a laid back feel and be surrounded by nature (as in the whole community) not just my property my home sits on. My neighbors are not just the people on my block (most people in other communities don't even know their next door neighbor). In our community you have neighbors in the entire community, I have neighbors on the other side of the Acreage! I grew up in Central PBC, but I had family here in the Acreage since I was a little girl and every time I would come to visit it always felt special, different, and I always felt I was going back to nature.
-Susy Martin
Randy and I both grew up in Palm Beach Gardens. We were married when he was in the Navy and stationed in Charlestons, SC. When we started having kids we knew we wanted to move back home. We hated all the politics of our HOA in SC and really wanted to avoid that. We also loved the big yards room for our big dogs to run and our children. We moved into our home 19yrs ago this week and we are here for the long haul. We did talk of moving once but just to a larger home but still out here. You don't find places like this any more everywhere you look it is all developments.
-Lauren Harner
In 1996, when my first born was 5 months old we bought our house on Persimmon. I have ridden horses since I was three. My parents taught scuba diving, but I always dreamed of having a horse. I used to drive my horse and cart down Persimmon. Christmas caroling with my kids in the back of the wagon until they fell asleep. We now have three horses. Trail riding with my daughter has been great bonding time. As it is we now trailer to the other side or sneak down the small canal near our house to get away from traffic. Just now training a 3 year old gelding. I will drive him down Persimmon. Those coming from Minto will have to go slow and wait for me if they want to share my road. I've been here 17 years and I'm not leaving.
-Krista Waddell
My husband and I are both Florida born and raised. We were raising our first two children in Broward in all the crime , traffic and overcrowding. When we bought our house in 1995 it was such a blessing. We now have 5 kids who couldn't imagine living anywhere else. There is such a wonderful sense of community in the Acreage. What we love most is the ability to have all of our animals that the children love.So when we tell people we have chickens, cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. they always must live in the Acreage!
-Nika Alban
I moved to WPB in 1989 from a small town named Frostproof, located 2 hours NW of here. I was 15yr old; most depressing thing I thought Id ever went through at the time. Leaving all my friends and having to rehome my horse was tough; forget about the fear of finding new friends and living in a city. We lived in an apartment complex off Okeechobee/Benoist. My mom had found a job at Royal Palm Citrus in Loxahatchee. There was nothing built up west of Seminole Pratt then and basically ended at 60th, we'd turn left to follow it around to where what is now Osceola Middle School. Anyways, I use to go to work with her all the time and I just felt at home out here. As we drove down the dirt roads I would tell her one day I'm gonna live out here mom and have what we had in Frostproof, just wait and see. Well it only took me 23yrs and only by the grace of a love story (that's a story for another time) that my dream was complete. I live where I feel at HOME, have my family and friends to enjoy it with, and pray my son finds the joy and appreciation in the simpler daily things than what convenience offers. My yard is filled with many animals and they have shown me how life is really to be enjoyed. Out here in Loxahatchee we have the most beautiful skies, sometimes they're blue, sometimes they're gray, BUT at night it's starry and you will not get that in the city folks! And lets not forget the silence or random music from the crickets and frogs.
-Jennifer Womack